Ownership change at Crimppi

In December 2016, Crimppi Oy’s former capital owners and founders, Mr Seppo Hujanen and Mrs Eeva-Riitta Mansikkamäki, sold the entire share capital to Mr Arto Laine and Managing Director Timo Harri. This transaction ended the change of generation that started few years earlier in the company. This will ensure the continuity and development of the company’s operations in the future as well.

Mr Timo Harri has been MD of Crimppi Oy since 2013 and is now well familiar with the company’s operations and customers. Mr Arto Laine’s strong experience in the subcontracting industry brings knowhow to the company. He’s better known as founder of Laine Production Oy.

“Our goal is to continue developing and growing the company at all our factories. Our current network of factories combined with our flexible operating model and our wide client base creates a good and competitive foundation for the company’s future and growth.”

Factory expansion in Croatia

Crimppi Istra d.o.o. will start factory expansion in Zminj, Croatia. Expansion will be connected to existing factory and it will provide 930m2 additional factory space. After expansion the factory area will be about 3000m2. The company has been operating in current factory since 2013.
The operations and growth of Crimppi Istra d.o.o. has been on main focus of the company and this new expansion will continue this strategy. It will enable further growth and development of operations in Zminj, Croatia.
Crimppi group is employing almost 400 people in total out of this about 150 are working in Croatia.